Corporate Program

The Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI) has created a Corporate Program designed for companies interested and involved in the impact of the international trends on Mexico, and the country’s influence on them.

The Corporate Program is COMEXI’s main contact with the business community. Its meetings, seminars, and publications provide numerous forums for the exchange of ideas, which offer Corporate Associates information on key global events, as well as the implications on respective Associate’s business and finances.

In addition, membership in COMEXI offers current and future leaders of the company the opportunity to continuously participate in high-level discussion meetings and the ability to expand its network by connecting with the leadership of COMEXI.

The Corporate Program is COMEXI’s main source of funds and sponsors its activities. It is an essential part of the support required for COMEXI in order to maintain its independence.

Corporate Associates are offered additional benefits to those received by COMEXI’s Individual Associates. At a Corporate Associate’s request, COMEXI can organize special events and research that best fulfill each company’s needs; participation of COMEXI specialists at required company meetings; as well as, full access to subject matter experts for immediate consultation and advice should immediate or otherwise pressing events take place in the international arena.

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