Application Process


The Membership Committee


The Membership Committee meets several times per year in order to consider proposals for the incorporation of new associates into the Council, as well as to determine the acceptance of Corporate Associates, Institutional Associates, Term-Members and Friends of the Council

Application Procedure for New Associates

The Council’s associates are its most important assets. Therefore, the Council seeks to build a solid membership that is diverse in terms of gender, profession, and region, as well as multidisciplinary and multisectoral. To this end, sundry candidates are sought that have a demonstrated interest in international affairs, that exert influence in their respective fields, that have the wherewithal to contribute to Council activities, and that meet the financial obligations established by the Council.

The Council continuously and actively seeks promising applicants that will help the Council maintain a balance between the business, academic, political, public service, financial and media communities.

Selection Process

To be considered by the Membership Committee, candidates should complete the following steps:

  1. Candidates must be nominated by an Associate of the Council, referred to in the selection process as the Nominating Associate, who must send a Letter to the Director General.
  2. The nomination must be seconded by an additional associate, referred to in the selection process as the Seconding Associate, by means of another letter sent to the Director General. The letter must explain why the Seconding Associate considers that the nominee would make a contribution to the Council.
  3. The nominee must submit the Application Form and its Curriculum Vitae.

    All documents can be sent to the Council’s office located at:

    Sierra Mojada 620, Oficina 502
    Torre Magnum
    Col. Lomas de Chapultepec,
    México D.F. 11000

    Alternatively, documents may be sent by fax to the following number:

    (5255) 5202 3776

    Or at the following email addresses:">">

Membership Fees

Membership         Contribution

Associates       $5,000 Mx
Resident Associates $5,000 Mx
Term Members $2,500 Mx
Academic Associates $2,500 Mx
Institutional Associates $1,500 USD

Associates outside Mexico

Membership                                                         Contribution
Associates $250 USD
Term Member $100 USD


Contributions and corresponding annual payments can be made in the following bank accountunder the name Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales, A.C. in Mexico:

BBVA Bancomer
Account Number: 0141404555
Key:     012180001414045555

Additionally, payments can be made with American Express by telephone by dialling the Council’s offices at (5255) 5202 3776.

For payments from outside Mexico, theres is an account in USD available:

Beneficiary: Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales, A.C.
Beneficiary Bank (BBK): BBVA Bancomer Mexico
Account number: 0141405624
Correspondent Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, NY
Aba: 021000021
Swift JP Morgan: CHASUS33



Sierra Mojada 620, Oficina 502
Torre Magnum
Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec
11000  México, D.F.

(52 55) 5202-3776
(52 55) 5202-3029